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Reviews from our members

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"I love this gym! I belong to the Cleveland Circle location. It's a very welcoming environment, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It's super clean and has tons of fun class options and weights/machines. The Zumba class is my favorite so far. I'm very glad I joined."

Sarah McCoy

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"I’ve been coming here for over two years and have been really happy with my overall experience. The gym has all the machines and equipment I need and the layout of the space makes transitioning between workouts seamless. It’s also super close to my work and home, which makes working out multiple times per week really easy!"

Kelsey Hayes

"Great athletic club! Offers everything I need for my lunch time work outs; free weights, dumbbells, universal machines, treadmills, the yoga room for stretching and core workouts. Love that you can sign up for a yoga class and others without any additional fees. Very clean & the support staff are awesome! Looking forward to the rest of 2019 with you guys."

Kevin O'Rourke

"I recently joined this gym (Cleveland Circle location) and I really like the place. It is a good value compared to other gyms, the staff are friendly and the patrons are nice and welcoming. They have plenty of treadmills as well as an ample free weights section, and any other equipment you can dream up. I've taken a spin class but have yet to try the rest of the classes. I wish the spin room had a few more bikes in there, as the classes seem to fill up quick. Overall I would highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a standard, friendly, not-to-crowded or pretentious gym."

Laurie DaForno

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"This is an awesome gym (North Station location) with great staff. If you are looking for what this gym provides, you're getting an amazing deal.

Highlights: combat sports, power racks, and cardio machines.

I've never seen a gym with such a high proportion of racks and benches to floor space. This is perfect for me, as I like to train almost exclusively with olympic weights. I believe only once did I show up and not get a spot on a rack when I needed it.

There are also many training sessions for boxing and jiu jitsu every week. If you ever wanted get serious about martial arts for not a lot of investment, this is the place to go. I don't do them personally, but I can easily observe the community, support, and hard work that goes into it. Amazing and positive experience to share the gym with these dedicated members."

David Pezzulo

"I have been going to the North End Waterfront location of Beacon Hill Athletic Club for over two years now and have never been disappointed! There is a good selection of cardio and weight equipment, a large exercise room, and tidy locker rooms. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I also work with a personal trainer at this location and receive a completely customized workout that is tailored to my specific exercise levels and needs. As long as I remain in the area, I will be visiting this location for years to come!"

Stephanie Vlo

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