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BHAC Corporate Wellness

Maintain The Well-Being Of Your Employees With Our Mission Driven Wellness Program At Beacon Hill Athletics Clubs

At Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs, we are proud to offer a comprehensive Mission Driven Wellness program delivered to your facilities.

Our goal is to help you promote and connect the benefits of physical fitness programming, stress management and other well-being goals of your employees, with the mission and values of your organization.

The program combines expert instruction, individual and group facilitation from our team of experts in corporate training, physical fitness, and wellness programming.

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How Does Our Corporate Wellness Training Work?

The first phase of our inclusive MDW program starts with five classroom sessions, with ongoing coaching to employees between the 1-hour meetings, that lay the foundation for healthy living and well-being.

The program delivers the following benefits...

To your employees:

  • Building their individual wellness plans that combine physical fitness routines with tools and exercises that lead to healthier living.

  • Instruction and activities in such areas as stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, sleep deprivation practices, and other disciplines that result in positive life and work outcomes.

  • Health and fitness coaching to support and reinforce the personal goals of participants.

To your business:

  • Program features and activities that result in improved workforce productivity, interpersonal communications, knowledge sharing, and other workplace behaviors.

  • Instruction from wellness and workforce development experts that align employee outcomes with the values and mission of your organization.

  • Creating a wellness culture that can foster individual and organization-wide engagement, improved performance, employee retention, and attracting new talent.

Did you know?

  • Workforce Wellness programs have demonstrated their value in improving workforce productivity and reducing healthcare expenditures for businesses. Staples, Corvel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Career Source, and other both large and small companies, have created successful wellness programs.

  • They have reshaped the work cultures of their organizations and have led to greater employee engagement, retention, and overall workplace satisfaction.

  • An all-inclusive wellness programs that connects the health benefits of regular physical fitness routines with instruction in workforce development, have been particularly well-received and embraced by employees and organizations alike.

Book Your Corporate Wellness Training Today!

Don't overlook the importance of your team's well-being. When you sign up for our Mission Driven Wellness program, we'll come to your facility with high-quality training that will benefit your employees for years to come. 

Sign up today by filling out the short form below, or give us a call at 617-987-1608!

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